Paleo Gimlet a la Friday

Gimli probably wouldn’t care much for Gimlets, but I do. So there. Did his axe have a name? I can’t remember it. For some reason, I remember weapon names. For instance, there’s a hair salon about a mile away called Glamdring, which is Frodo’s sword. Apparently they cut your hair with Frodo’s sword.

It’s Friday night and I’m burned out from the ol’ working week. Yet there’s still some life in me! So I sat a spell (ok, laid under my down comforter and looked at FB), then trotted over to the liquor store, followed by the food co-op for some gimlet fixins. Cheers to the liquor store proprietor who helped my tired soul chose this drink over white wine.

Behold! The paleo gimlet recipe I whipped up! Gimlets: no calories, no carbs, super easy! Sidenote: I’ve always wanted to name a pet Gimlet, ever since I had my first one in some fancy bar near Washington Square Park. My memory of the night is blurry, but I was in love. With lime and vodka in a martini glass. Without further ado…


1 oz. vodka (Just buy good vodka. I’ve been digging Real Russian, the name of which doesn’t do it justice. It’s made by a Ruski. Tito’s (Texan) Vodka is highly regarded by people I regard highly. Ketel One’s quite passable.)

0.5 oz. lime juice

2-3 oz. club soda (I used lime-flavored Klarbrunn, which is my local sparkling soda from Watertown, Wisconsin!)

2-3 drops of liquid stevia or the equivalent of powdered stevia

Mix in a shaker with ice (or, if you’re minus a shaker like me, in your Kleen Kanteen!) and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with lime if you’re feelin’ fancy.

Then write and listen to the new Sleater-Kinney. The combo is to die for. Have a great weekend!

(Gimlets always make me think of Gimli, the dwarf from LOTR. You know, son of Gloin? I’m really not that big of a stereotypical nerd. I just retain words and literature. Cheers!)